About the Josh

A playful & hardworking mechanical engineer & designer, Josh loves to put a little of himself in everything he does. His true loves are design, group brainstorming & prototyping - he's addicted to the rush of creating something interesting with interesting people.

Josh is looking for a design company where he'll be able to solve problems, come up with brilliant ideas, make things work, & then make them work better. His resume is available here:

Josh's Resume

When he's not calculating or building anything, Josh enjoys intellectually stimulating discussions, puzzles, & games of all sorts. He's always excited to learn new things, regardless of the subject.

Josh also creates a bi-weekly educational video series called THUNK, where he discusses many of his favorite subjects, including philosophy, science, technology, & geek culture. You can check out the show here:

THUNK on YouTube

Feel free to contact me at josh@joshpelton.com.